Lost in SharePoint Approval Workflows

I absolutely cringe when I think about my last post and how ‘on cloud nine’ I was just a week ago. It was a textbook case of jinxing yourself.

Not long after my last post, I was swept up in a big (for me) work project trying to debug and improve some workflows for an application the company uses internally. It was always going to be my project, but the sense of urgency was ramped way up when we discovered some crucial flaws. I have been putting in long, loooong days ever since.

Part of that is the project (and my desire to go above the call, especially as the new guy) and part of it is my tendency to want to learn and try new things with technology I haven’t yet fully mastered. And I’ll be honest, there aren’t many things I’ve encountered that are more temperamental than SharePoint workflows.

I am alive. Half of my workflows are not. But I am alive.