Rides This Week

Along the Columbia River bike path with Mount Hood in the distance

I’ve gotten some good usage out of the old Trek 1420 since having it repaired from the crash in June.

Monday was an ill-advised trip through eight miles of Forest Park along the Leif Erickson trail. The ride to the trailhead feels a lot hillier on a bicycle than on a motorcycle, but that’s a minor detail. The trail is beautiful, as is most of Forest Park, but it is definitely better suited for mountain bikes and crossovers.

Tuesday’s post-work ride was the most ambitious so far.

Met up with Matt (who once told me to start a blog… or, at least, asked if I had one) outside his building a few blocks away in the Pearl District. Once he finally got his shit together we hit the road.

We crossed the Broadway Bridge over to Portland’s east side, then went north on Williams all the way to the Columbia Slough. We never really got off the planned course on our way up there, but the quality of the ride was poor towards the end. Lots of traffic and trucks and a lack of charm along the city’s outskirts (read: blight).

We got “stuck” in bike traffic once early on, which was novel (Portland has the highest percentage of bicycle commuters in the nation), and Matt ran over a squirrel. Once we got to the Columbia River, things improved tremendously. Matt had to turn back but I hope to return to the river soon, hopefully with a better route.


It was about 26 miles altogether. Stopped and watched the planes take off from PDX for a little while. It was tremendous along the river, and decent-to-good on the ride back.