My camera took a beating during our recent trip to the Little Colorado. I was checking some of the settings one of the nights back in camp, and discovered something called the GPS log.

I knew my EOS 6D had GPS capabilities — I turn it on occasionally when I want to record the specific location of a shot.

What I didn’t know was the camera has the ability to log GPS position over time, regardless of whether it is being used or not. Learning this, I left the GPS logging switched on much more often than usual for the remainder of the trip.

This morning I offloaded all the data from camera to card to computer. Over the last six years, I unknowingly logged 33 different trips. I found some advice on conversion software and was off to the races.

Unfortunately, I had to run downtown for work, but before I did, managed to get one of the segments from our recent trip loaded into Google Earth!

Best of all, since each log item is timecoded, I can animate our progress!

Check out this quick, simple test to see what I mean: