Mountain Weather

Crossing over Red Gap Pass (7,520′) in July, a few days before reaching the Continental Divide, we battled a snowstorm – one of the most memorable parts of the Glacier National Park hike, for sure. Dressed in layers, and warm from the climb, it was enjoyable. Only the nearby thunder made us uneasy, produced as the storm front squeezed against the mountain range.

Normally, I focus on photography, but I do record some video during adventures. Over the past few weeks, I assembled a few short clips from prior trips (Glacier, Little Colorado) and have enjoyed the work.

At the top of Red Gap Pass, looking down into the next valley.
Convinced a pair of nervous hikers who were running off the summit to snap a quick photo of our group
The snow, carried on the wind, was blinding at times, but we had immense fun fighting through it
Despite the weather, we were relaxed. Being above treeline allows us to forget our vigilance against surprising any grizzlies – not possible in the choked undergrowth in the valleys below.