This site has a jetpack-compatible theme again, enabling me to share updates right here from the phone. There’s no data connection on this flight, so if you’re reading this, it means we’ve landed safely in Maui!

We’ll have a week to explore the island and are really looking forward to our friends’ wedding in a few days. It will be great to see so many familiar faces from Lauren’s NYC years. At the core of that friend group is a gang of good-natured Aussie expats, and everyone has been super friendly ever since I chiseled my way into Lauren’s life five years ago.

The groom is an American in the group like me, a man by the name of John Marrin. Like many people, John has often expressed interest over the years in joining up for one of our big adventures.

It wasn’t just idle talk for him, however. Last May he joined us for an expedition down the bottom half of the Little Colorado Gorge and into the farthest reaches of Grand Canyon National Park. He’s a big city guy – always has been. He didn’t know how to setup a tent until we got to the Flagstaff Marriott the night before the hike, for example! I told him he didn’t need one. James and Grahme showed him the ropes.

John is up front, this is day four or five

It was a huge gamble — on my part and his. Not many people in the world do something more rare than summiting Everest for their first backpacking trip. But that’s exactly what John did. He must have liked it, too – I am pleased to say he will be joining us again in July for a six day jaunt in Glacier!

Anyhow, no computer for a week. Just a camera! I have started and nearly finished five different posts over the last month. Been a huge spring for canyon research, obsession.

I think i need a writing coach. There must be 10000 words just sitting in drafts – none complete. Been problematic for a long time. I get incredibly hung up in repeated edits. Maybe this quick hit method will help break up that habit.

Anyhow, landing now!