A Story of Fonts & Forecasts

Lately, I have been documenting some hidden control techniques for the 3D engine inside World of Warships. Niche stuff, only relevant to those working directly with content or media. Alpha nerd material, mostly.

I switched to video for some of the more difficult concepts the other night. I stole a peek at Facebook once I started to yawn and was surprised to see another person out there was knee-deep in Premiere, too. It was 2:00am, after all!

I posted a response with a project screenshot of my own, glad I wasn’t the only maniac editing video at that hour.

The other night-owl was Geoff Fox, longtime meteorologist and fixture on Connecticut television for decades. He’s in California now, where he built a home studio robust enough to deliver HD forecasts to news stations all over the country. He automates what production he can and handles the remainder himself, in addition to being on-camera. Pretty remarkable, really.

Geoff shared some of his current works-in-progress. It was cool stuff, mostly equinox-related, and I thought I might be able to give him a better jumping-off point for some of the typography. I sent a quick sample over the next day and he seemed to receive it with interest.

Seeing a chance to stick my nose in once again, I expanded the one original example until it had enough companions to be truly considered a standalone template file.

Font arrangement template for motion graphics and video. Click for full-size

Pretty sharp, right? As someone without an ounce of design or type training, I was more than a little pleased by it.

That, my friends, is how a SharePoint guy working on a naval combat-simulator in Oregon ended up creating type templates for a home-based, one-man-band meteorological studio in California.*

*This was a creative whim that I sent on in hopes of helping out a fellow late-night editor — this wasn’t anything this guy requested or asked for, to be fair

Download the PSD

Elon Musk will put a new rocket into space for every 50 downloads this file receives