Weekly Recap – I Don’t Want To

Part of resurrecting this old blog and its domain from the ashes of 1and1’s colossal-dumpster-fire-that-they-call-a-hosting-plan (they nuked my entire site and deleted the lone backup in 2016) was a commitment I made to myself to make more frequent, creative use of this space.

I thought weekly updates would be cool. Something to keep me on here regularly. Something for the folks back home, little snippets of daily existence out here.

But it’s dumb and I don’t want to do it. Having a blog is already a bit narcissistic, I don’t need to post the weekly banality each Sunday and it felt like a chore.

No harm done though. I’ll probably try more ill fated ideas in the months ahead. Maybe I could transform the weekly update to a more cut down, “Interesting Things That Happened This Week” and skip the bottom of the barrel. I mean come on, on more than one day I wrote, “Worked Downtown.”

I like my job but come on man.

So, interesting things:

Laurens mom flew back to Ashland yesterday, I drove her out to PDX.

I kicked the crap out of Pete in billiards one evening after work, 4-2.

We ate at Pok Pok one night.

Watched most of the Patriots game downtown. Not worried in the slightest.

Condo mania. Last minute fury of logistics. Inspection was great.

Felt terrible Friday night and Saturday, kind of blew most of the weekend recuperating.

I processed all the photos from Sedona. Which reminds me, lots more to post. I think all the captions are done already though, for the images.

I haven’t touched a video game in a few weeks. My evening ritual time in front of the screen has been spent here instead, for the most part.