Weekly Recap – Final Cleanup, Sedona Trip

Honestly, I cannot remember much of what I did last week in great detail. I know the main focuses were work, preparing the condo for the arrival of Lauren’s mother, and packing for our trip.

I finally cancelled our subscription to Sun Basket, and sent the newly-arrived draft of our wedding video out to some family. I will post the video here even though it’s not the final, “ready to share” version. I’m not concerned. It’s not like anyone other than my dad really reads these

weekly recaps, I expect.

[tg_youtube width=”560″ height=”315″ video_id=”uNp57-nl0WA”]

Worked, cleaned the house and hit the gym. These are exciting times.

Worked, ran, and cleaned the house. Packed for Sedona. Completed a bunch of tasks for the upcoming condo purchase, mostly mortgage related. We are getting a good deal with Sammamish.

Quick, frantic day in Portland, mostly work then off to Sedona, Arizona! We skipped the MAX and took an Uber out to the PDX airport.

Our friends from NYC recently purchased a vacation home in Sedona which they are AirBnB-ing and using a jump-off point for their own adventures. Earlier this summer they kindly invited us and another couple along for an extended long weekend. Their only request: bring a book to help stock the new bookshelves. I browsed our selection and my choice was immediate and clear.

Friday, Saturday & Sunday

Full throttle hiking, kayaking and general sightseeing in beautiful Sedona. More action than I can do justice with here. Full posts coming soon.