Every Overland Route to the Confluence (*Almost*)


I forgot about Sheep Trail, and have recently learned of a few other ways into the gorge between Cameron and Horse Trail, as well.

New Infographic

Every known way to reach the Confluence on foot. There are six. Two are suicidal. Two would require resupply or making at least 1-2 multiday supply cache runs just to be survivable. The remaining two (Salt, Horse) I have tried. It’s inhospitable territory. Helps if you have some local friends to shuttle vehicles. :)I wanted to share this infographic – I thought I would need it for my mapping project. I don’t think I will. Either way, here it is.

This is also a late-night test for the website. My stupid theme published an update. I’ve ignored the last three. Caused havoc.Here is the alternate version (click for bigger version):